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Programme 2014-2015

Thursday, March 26th. Lecture Room GC13

School of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Birmingham.


              Andreas Zuttel,  LMER/EMPA, Switzerland Switzerland                                                                 


Hydrogen is produced from water by means of electrolysis with renewable energy. CO2 is abundant in the atmosphere at a concentration of 400 ppm. The extraction of CO2 and reduction with hydrogen to hydrocarbons leads to synthetic and CO2 neutral fuels. Furthermore, the controlled reaction to a specific product like C10H22 would allow the storage of large quantities of renewable energy in a relatively easy way, based on established technology for diesel fuel. However, two major challenges have to be overcome: (1), the development of the energy efficient extraction of CO2 from the atmosphere and subsequent concentration to pure CO2 at 1 bar, and (2), the development of new reaction pathways which allow the reduction of CO2 to a specific product.


  Please note the change of venue.

(A light buffet will be available beforehand at 6.00pm in Metallurgy and Materials, immediately next to the Lecture Theatre)