A regular customer of the wholesale markets replies:


“From all the discussions I’ve had at the market in the last few weeks there’s no way it will be relocated in 2015 or 2016.

“They had still not come to agreement with the council was the last thing I heard.

“I think it will probably end up being 2018 before the market move finally takes place”.

Digbeth-based architect and urban designer Joe Holyoak comments:

“What is published in today’s newspaper is a pretty insubstantial series of photoshopped images – very little content. The description “family leisure quarter” is equally insubstantial – a concept dreamt up by a marketing executive I imagine.

Named after the resource which it destroys . . .

“And the proposal follows what seems to be an immutable rule of new development. It is named after the resource which it destroys – in this case with a generation’s delay.

smithfield market

“Smithfield market was an excellent 19thC building, destroyed in the early 1970s on the instructions of Albert’s predecessor as Labour leader, Clive Wilkinson”.

Is this plan to be taken seriously or is it just one more pre-election fanfare?