Priory Rooms entrance

‘Formulating a positive vision for our country – a Compass-Equality Trust-Fabian Society West Midlands Workshop’ is taking place on Wednesday 25th February, from 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm in the William Penn room of The Priory Rooms, 40 Bull Street, Birmingham, B4 6AF.

This event is free BUT spaces are limited so please register your attendance at the following link: – (Cut and paste if link does not work)

The first half of the workshop seeks to formulate a shared vision of a positive future for our country, inspired by work undertaken by Compass West Midlands convenor Michael Orton.

Over the last few months, Michael has been conducting research into socio-economic insecurity, and possible solutions to preventing this insecurity from blighting the lives of the British people. This research has involved meeting with many civil society organisations, and recently culminated in the publication of ‘Something’s Not Right: Insecurity and an Anxious Nation’- the full work can be accessed and downloaded from the Compass website here.

compass report cover 2015

Michael’s work has led him to formulate a draft statement offering a positive vision for the future: “we all have a decent basic standard of living that enables us to participate, contribute and be free to choose how to lead our life, and be able to develop our potential materially and emotionally with respect for all.

Attendees will be asked if the draft wording is something they can agree with/live with/improve upon/provide a better alternative; tt is about seeking broad consensus.

If a consensus is reached, discussion will then become about what a West Midlands network can do to achieve the vision.

The second half of the evening will be an opportunity for participants to find out more about Tax Justice West Midlands.

Set up by EWM members, Tax Justice West Midlands is involved in the Tax Dodging Bill campaign. This campaign involves more than 15 prominent organisations including Oxfam, Christian Aid, the National Union of Students, the High Pay Centre and The Equality Trust who are urging all political parties to commit to putting a bill which would prevent tax dodging through Parliament within 100 days of a new government being formed after the general election.

If you are interested in combatting tax evasion and avoidance by the wealthiest in our society, this campaign should be of great interest to you. We’ll be discussing practical actions that we can take together as part of Tax Justice West Midlands.

This should be a fascinating event, providing opportunities to network with like-minded individuals and commit to undertaking practical action to achieving a positive vision for the UK.

If you have questions about formulating a positive vision for our country – a Compass-Equality Trust- Fabian Society West Midlands Workshop, contact Michael Orton (Compass West Midlands), Tom Pratt (Equality West Midlands) and Andrew Coulson (Fabian Society)