BVT estate office 2 OTL

Oak Tree Lane residents await the outcome of McCarthy & Stone’s planning application, now before Birmingham City Council. The proposal to build retirement apartments will involve demolishing the handsome former Bournville Village Trust Estate Office on Oak Tree Lane (above).

McCarthy & Stone have agreed to retain the existing building’s façade on Oak Tree Lane, as stipulated by the Bournville Village Trust, and the majority of the mature trees will be kept on the site.

BVT estate land

Its design is said to “respect surrounding roofscapes and neighbouring properties” but concern about the height of the roof ridges has been expressed by residents living near the proposed development. These are about 1.5m higher than the existing highest ridge and move about10m nearer the building to the north, Oak Tree House. The proposed structure would be overbearing and diminish the sunlight currently arriving at Oak Tree House.

A resident, who has overseen and worked to design and develop similar conversion schemes, advises that the overall proportions of the front elevation can be preserved with windows made to a smaller height and a less steep roof slope. The north elevation could then also be retained with existing roof slopes.

mccarthy & stone KHMcCarthy and Stone development in Kings Heath.

The side elevation in Firbank Close, which would also be worth retaining:

BVT estate office side fircroft close

The submitted plans can be viewed online at the council’s website, application number 2014/05572/PA. The plans are going to committee on a date yet to be confirmed. 

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