Comments on the words of the chair of Birmingham’s civic society, Freddie Gick – former research scientist and international management consultant – quoted by Graeme Brown in the Post:

“This monumental, brutalist incinerator has no place in the centre of our city, flanked by the glorious 19th century architecture and sculpture of our other civic buildings.

Michael Bruce: “the Civic Society slams the library as an architectural ‘import’ when it was designed by Birmingham’s most impressive and courageous architect, while the civic buildings they fawn over like the Town Hall and City Hall are lazy pastiches of Greek and French architecture respectively and have zero originality or merit . . .

Google images of the two libraries

Mr Gick: “Visitors to the city walking through Victoria Square and into Chamberlain Square from New Street are confronted with this import from post revolution Russia.

Binfield: “Someone should ask Freddie Gick what is ‘Russian’ about the library? The architect was a Brummy and the building is distinctly Brummy . . .

Richard: What is proposed to replace it looks like something from the Identikit box of city centre planning. Removing the awful shops from underneath the library and some redevelopment at ground level would have enabled this important piece of Birmingham’s history to have been retained.

I Roth: With all the buildings around demolished the library will look fantastic. It is surrounded by rubbish so one cannot see it is a great design.

Michael Bruce: As the city council planners wipe away the city’s bold post war heritage, they replace it with bland dross that no one will be campaigning to save in 30 years time when that gets pulled down.

Speaking truth to power . . .