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Launching today: the Manifesto for London, written by Ben Rogers, director of the Centre for London, formerly a policy strategist for the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit and Department for Communities and Local Government.

george osborneAs the chancellor belatedly woos our ‘great northern cities’, Mr Rogers told the Financial Times that London was in danger of becoming invisible in the debate over devolution in the wake of the Scottish referendum.

“London is hardly ever talked about. It is all about Scotland, Wales and to some extent the cities of the north.” Ben Rogers continues:

ben rogers“None of the three party leaders has ever given a speech about London since they were elected, despite the fact that it is a leading world city and arguably a global superpower.

“No one wants to be London’s friend.”

Centre for London calls for a radical transfer of powers from Whitehall to City Hall giving London more power over its taxes – particularly property taxes – to ensure that it can meet its housing needs, improve its public services and invest in its infrastructure.