katen award 2

City architect Joe Holyoak (last year’s awardee) presented the award. Other local recipients of the award include the Aston Reinvestment Trust, Kirsty Davies of Professional Polishing Services and the Green New Deal designers.

karen 1Localise West Midlands’ chairman. Jon Morris, spoke about Karen’s work inspiring others to take action by her commitment, her logic, her actions, her integrity and her persistence.

For ten years Karen has been the organisation’s cornerstone. Jon thought that one of the achievements that most typifies Karen is the Alliance for a Better Economy. Read more here.

There is a range of groups across the country working for a fairer and better local economy and which see localisation as at least an element in this.

Though they all have different approaches and at times compete for resources and attention, Karen believed they could be more effective by working together to create and promote a common voice for a common aim.  Having gathered and arrived at an agreed aim, the alliance is now collaborating more.

mced coverKaren was at the heart of work for the Barrow Cadbury Trust on mainstreaming community economic development, which is all about strengthening the local economy and creating greater social inclusion. This work has attracted widespread interest and support and now has a dedicated website: ‘Localising Prosperity’.

Jon ended with a few appreciative words about Karen’s support for his LWM consultancy work and as the Chair of LWM.