Friday 10th – Saturday 11th October 2014

gas lightA two-day conference will explore the heritage of the manufactured gas industry in Britain and its legacy in 21st century science and technology. For more information and to book contact the Bookings Team:Telephone: 0121 520 8054 Email: bookings@bclm.com

Delegates will:

  • replica newcomen steam enginehave access to gas-powered domestic appliances in the Museum’s collections;
  • see a range of gas engines working, including the replica Newcomen Engine, the Museum’s cinema gas engine and a 1905 Tangye Gas Engine;
  • see the Ross Barlow (the University of Birmingham’s hydrogen fuel cell narrowboat)
  • and have the opportunity to explore the Black Country Living Museum at night, with its authentic street and domestic gas lighting.

Ross Barlow canal boat3

rex gas conference