A reader comments on the Press report:

running injury“BUPA’s Great Birmingham Run will be a very profitable event for BUPA in view of the numbers who will end up with chronic foot/ankle/knee/hip problems due to overstraining over a 12 miles “health” run.

“If most people routinely even walked less than half that distance it might be a different matter, but that wouldn’t make any money for a corporation!” (Left, from Running Competitor.)

A running coaches’ website describes the most common injuries

  1. Plantar fasciitis
  2. Achilles Tendonitis and Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy
  3. Shin splints
  4. Patella Tendonitis
  5. High Hamstring Tendinopathy
  6. Stress fractures
  7. Runner’s Knee
  8. IT Band Injuries

Another reader adds: “very good point. A bit like this ridiculous chucking iced water over people. I refused to partake”.

icebucketOn WM radio Adrian Goldberg discussed the Ice Bucket Challenge with listeners and concluded that the wisest and least egotistical course of action is to make a quiet gift to charity if and when so moved.

After walking past a challenge and seeing the alarming colour of a Marks and Spencer manager undergoing this challenge I also question the practice on health grounds.

On August 22nd this year Dr. Brian O’Neill, a physician at the Detroit Medical Center, warned that the challenge may have adverse health effects on participants, including potentially inducing a vagal response which might, for example, lead to unconsciousness in people taking blood pressure medications. Today reports on such incidents: a number of participants have sustained injuries and there has been a death in New Zealand linked to the challenge.

The first reader concludes: “Meanwhile I’ll stick to “dangerous” cycling!”