Ugandan Francis Ssuuna (age19) founded the ‘Slum Run’ in 2010.

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This is the third year of the run and he is determined to make it the biggest and the best yet. He has announced a partnership with Birmingham Boys’ Brigade, who are sending many runners for the Birmingham Run in Small Heath this year and notes that much of the fundraising comes from the runners in Birmingham.


In Kampala, half of the runners are now girls, due to a massive increase in interest in running by local girls of all ages, due to last year’s run. Some are talented and may have international potential. For the boys this year, a qualification system has been developed, so that only the most committed runners are taking part.

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To ‘walk’ through the area and hear from some of the runners, click here:

Francis continues:

“While at the moment the Run is just to support kids in Kampala, we believe that the work we do is important and should spread to other slums around the world. I myself am from a rural area and would dearly love to see my idea spread to rural parts, to uncover talented young runners, but also to help them achieve academic success, through support with their school fees and/or requirements and I will be working hard to achieve this over the next twelve months”.

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All donations go to Registered Charity, Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network no. 1158392. All of the money will go to support the children at the Chrysalis Centre. Anyone wishing to donate should click on this link: