In his paean to the city there was not one word about the decaying suburbs, the neglected buildings and the thousands of unemployed young people who have no hope for the future.

albert bore

Heartless triumphalism!

As parasitical financiers and speculators who produce no real wealth enjoy canal-side restaurants, the despised ‘low-skills economy built on metal-bashing’,which he projects as long gone, is actually thriving. A surprising number of SMEs around the city are prospering and employing people who are helping to make useful products.

Read about Sertec, MWA Technology, J8 Precision, Fracino, Beer Geek, Hills Numberplates and companies working in other sectors, many assisted by loans from a non-profit revolving fund, the Aston Reinvestment Trust.

A parable

A local broadcaster told his listeners how much he was looking forward to taking relatives from Australia to see the newly developed canalside region in Broad Street.

The following day he was downcast and ashamed: the areas they visited had been strewn with litter and graffiti had been painted on the new buildings.

If you and other council leaders, Sir Albert, had put even half of taxpayers’ money into the poorer areas of the city, creating employment – because there is manifestly work to be done there – youngsters might not have been resentfully employed in defacing those areas in which you take such pride.