American Quaker Viola Purvis once spoke about the media clampdown before the first Iraq war “no other reports of opposition to this military action”:

“Many demonstrated in the Winter Park city (Florida) but we thought we were alone as there were no other reports of opposition to this military action and we gave up. It was only much later that we found that hundreds of thousands of Americans had demonstrated in many cities.

“ If only we had known the truth we would have continued . . .”

Belatedly – thanks to The Brummie aggregator – the writer saw the Mail’s report about more than a thousand protesters gathering in Birmingham city centre on Friday to demand an end to the bloodshed in the Middle-East. Stop The War Coalition had organised the gathering in High Street near the Bullring shopping centre.

gaza demo brum

But did the average reader realise that similar demonstrations were taking place in other British cities – and around the world?

demo london israel

The BBC’s 10pm news bulletin made absolutely no reference to the gathering of 15000 people in London last Saturday (above). 21 British newspaper websites were searched. So many people, so little front-page coverage in this country’s press and elsewhere, with honourable exceptions. The usually outspoken Huffington Post had published and then buried this article.

There was poor international coverage of worldwide demonstrations against Israel’s actions – 34 sites searched

Even less known is the treatment of Israeli Jews who dare to speak out against the slaughter publicly.

An honourable exception: handsome coverage by Israel’s i24, banned in Israel.

i24 logoA find! i24News, based in Jaffa and broadcast worldwide in English, French, and Arabic, is not available in Israel by Hot’s cable network or by satellite broadcaster DBS Satellite Services (1998) Ltd. The protests were covered well, see more here. Despite its apparently objective stance, PM Benjamin Netanyahu has refused a request by owner Patrick Drahi to permit the Israeli public to see this station.

A review of searing account of Israel’s systematic forced evictions in Palestine: Professor Penny Green, ISCI (School of Law, Kings College) and Amelia Smith, Middle East Monitor, with link, may be read here.