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As noted on this site some time ago, the Priory Rooms conference centre in Bull Street has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Priory Rooms atrium & walls insulated

Great importance is placed on eco-conscious and sustainable business practices and last year received First Mile’s Silver Award for exceptional efforts. This year the Priory Rooms set the bar higher, aiming for a Gold Award, through a food waste recycling initiative. first mile recycling chart

The latest development is that all their food waste is now being collected by First Mile Recycling to be decomposed at a local site: their first food recycling contract in Birmingham.

First Mile representative George Garrett made the venue their first customer in Birmingham to have food waste collections. The waste is decomposed and then recycled for use in electricity and fertiliser.

The Priory Rooms now recycle an incredible 70% of all waste! Other companies could learn more about this through the First Mile Recycling website

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First Mile Recycling: 70 Warwick St, Birmingham B12 0NL