Equal pay settlements are estimated to be costing Birmingham city council £1.1bn.

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Chris Benson, from law firm Leigh Day said that successive Birmingham councils could have paid the women in question fairly at the time, as other councils did. But it is alleged that even when councils knew they had a problem, they set up new pay systems that contrived to pay the men more.

They then briefed lawyers for two years and will now have to pay the legal costs and wages backlog, with interest. Some estimate the total bill will reach £2bn.

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The withdrawal of the city’s green recycling collection service – due to the need for the Council to make significant financial savings – was uppermost in the mind of a taxi driver travelling from Bournville to Yardley Wood yesterday.

He argued that as the huge bills facing the council were incurred due to their own actions, cuts should have been made in councillors’ remuneration to cover their own folly – and suggested a levy on the average rate of £16,000 pa and the large allowances paid to more senior councillors (download the latest published Annual Payments Schedule, 2012-2013).

Instead they expect taxpayers, who were not responsible for these costs, to suffer.