sutton coldfield green belt housing

Birmingham City Council is reported to be looking for a consultant to draw up a masterplan for the development of 6,000 homes on Sutton Coldfield’s green belt (above).

All over the country, the unethical drive for profits from ‘aspirational’ houses is to the fore – instead of working in the public interest to meet the real needs of the people on council housing registers. green field site 2

Just over the border, within yards of an officially flood-prone area, the green fields – which are greatly valued by residents and walkers,amid the suburban sprawl in Solihull – have been commandeered by Persimmon Miller, with council approval, but against the wishes of local residents and objections – clearly and repeatedly expressed by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

Despite the provisions of the council’s own Business Plan this housing development is going ahead with corporate flouting of agreements already documented (tree-felling, premature excavation) which bodes ill for the implementation flood ‘run-off’ mitigation measures stipulated.

meriden residents

The only answer in our failed democracy: sacrificial action like that taken in Meriden