Respected journalist Assed Baig has addressed the issue of the anonymous ‘Trojan Horse’ letter which is being given such credence by the establishment. As he says: the letter that stirred up the recent hysteria about Park View school is an unattributed, undated text, unsigned by anyone. The link given above leads to the school’s latest newsletter in which the issue is discussed at length.

Baig’s article in the Huffington Post opens:

“From the outset I would like to be clear about my interest in the subject. I grew up in Birmingham, in the areas where some of these schools are based. I know Park View, one of the places mentioned, very well. I used to play football there once a week in the evenings as a teenager, and trained on the astro turf on Friday nights with Alum Rock FC. I still have family and friends playing for the local side.

“I also remember the reputation of Park View. It was the last place you wanted to go to school, it was the last place most parents in the area wanted to send their children and those of my friends were educated there would admit it with embarrassment.

“The school since then has completely turned around. It is regarded as outstanding.

park view school

“There is a waiting list to get into the school. But now this so-called plot has overshadowed the school’s achievements and the hard work of those that have helped it progress. Its success is particularly worthy of celebration due to the fact that it has now become a place where people from poorer backgrounds can develop a brighter future; 72% of the school children are on free school meals. Journalists usually fail to mention this and the fact that the school is in one of the most economically deprived areas of Birmingham”.

He presented some significant facts:

  • the executive principal is a white non-Muslim woman.
  • the assistant principal is not Muslim
  • the acting principal is Muslim.

park view headIn the last 17 years all three permanent appointments at the school for head teacher have been non-Muslims. If this plot started 20 years ago as it is claimed, then where are the Muslim heads?

There is no forced segregation. Children sit where they want: teenage boys want to sit with their male friends and girls sit with their female friends.

Arabic is taught in school, for a simple reason: it’s actually the preferred option by students.

No evidence that a teacher praised an extremist preacher Anwar Awlaki in a school assembly has been presented.

Tahir Alam, chair of governors at Park View, was named in the letter. He is known for his desire to see ‘quality education’ in the school.

Low journalistic standards – the BBC is once again accused of bias

The BBC quoted a former teacher, Mike White, who said the plot started 20 years ago. Assad Baig adds that it failed to point out that Mr White was an inefficient teacher, removed for gross misconduct, a removal upheld by a tribunal.

Radio 4’s Today journalist claimed that there were no pictures of girls and boys together in the school even though pictures are displayed showing boys and girls together.

Baig ends by describing another form of extremism:

“where parents pay tens of thousands a year to have their boys segregated from girls. Where an ideology of superiority is taught, where young rich boys are taught that it is their God-given right to rule over the commoners. Where a skewed version of history is taught, colonialism was a good thing and the empire brought good to the world and civilized the savages. In these schools boys are forced to learn Latin, not Arabic.

“But we won’t see or hear politicians talking of that kind of extremism or segregation, we won’t see journalists peering through windows there, because it is not Muslims involved. Extremism of the rich is applauded, not questioned”.

Assed Baig ends by thanking the teachers, governors and staff at Park View school for the improvements made, for giving hope to so many children from that deprived area in which he grew up

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