It’s too late for many by the age of 16

british teenage dropouts

OECD figures have shown that almost one-in-five pupils currently leave British schools at 16 before taking A-level style qualifications.

A teacher at Baverstock: “parents from Somalia and Romania have an understanding of where (education) can take them “

On Radio 5, the difference between the parental support and expectations of the ‘white working class’ and immigrant parents was highlighted.

oxford review of education coverA number of research projects into the achievement levels of different groups was were carried out earlier (2005-2009).

Academic Louise Archer was interviewed and she spoke about the findings recorded in a report written in that period:

  • British-Chinese pupils are the highest achieving ethnic group in the British education system,
  • British-Chinese boys’ performance equals that of girls,
  • British-Chinese pupils’ constructions of gender, subject preference and self- image differ in some respects from those from other ethnic groups.

Given an integrated housing and schooling system, would the positive attitudes of immigrants from several countries be adopted by some of the ‘white working class’ parents and children?

Primary youngsters are receptive to positive influences

Bluebell Hill Primary, in a deprived area of Nottingham, ‘adds value’

Bluebell Hill Primary, in a deprived area of Nottingham, ‘adds value’

A positive lead comes from Professor Carl Chinn, who advocates ‘rooting’ primary school children, by ensuring that they are given a grounding on the history of their area. Another comes from Parks School, Leicester and I Mech E as both introduce this age-group to various opportunities offered by the world of work.