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Encouraging young people to consider careers in beneficial science and engineering, 13-16 March 2014, Birmingham NEC – or an ‘arms fair for children’?

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The Science Project reports criticism of the Fair. Arms companies are heavily involved in this event, giving a child friendly gloss to their business. Arms manufacturer BAE Systems is a major sponsor of “The Big Bang”, a science and technology education event aimed at young people.

bae bae lead sponsorLead sponsor BAE makes its money by selling weapons, including to some of the world’s most dangerous countries. CAAT and SGR say that BAE’s involvement is entirely inappropriate and the sponsorship deal should be immediately withdrawn.

Kaye Stearman, spokesperson for CAAT says: “BAE Systems is currently involved in court cases and corruption investigations in seven countries. The weapons trade is not a legitimate business. No company can participate in it ethically. The arms trade exacerbates conflicts across the globe and contributes heavily to an increasingly unstable world.”

bae cameronBut BAE is proud once again to be sponsoring The Big Bang Fair, the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths for young people in the UK, inspiring young people:

“Join us on the BAE Systems stand where we’ll be challenging you to use your maths skills to solve one of four challenges. Through the Jumping Rats, Milk Crate, Towers of Hanoi and Cups & Saucers puzzles, you can pits your wits against other visitors to see how your knowledge of maths can help you find solutions to challenging situations.

“Discover the secret science behind the engineering of our military jets, submarines and ships. And have a go at our fun physics challenges for all ages!

“We will tell young people about our exciting technologies; how applying science has helped us produce our military fighter jets and about how we have the hottest men in the world!”

Or book a place at Coventry Central Hall and hear about campaigning to end military involvement and the impressive local campaign to end the council’s arms trade investments.