Now deleted from the website but available: Birmingham Post 6.3.08: “Misery is the price farmers must pay for the ‘People’s Car’

Birmingham Post and Mail business correspondent Jon Griffin is on a tour of India with Tata Motors. He will meet top executives from the firm, along with dignitaries from the regions as he travels through Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

nandigram injuredHe will not meet villagers forcefully displaced by Tata projects in many areas.
He will not meet relatives of the two women crushed to death after police opened fire during public opposition to a Tata Steel project in Kalinganagar.
He will not meet relatives of those shot in Nandigram where locals refused to have their land taken for a Tata car plant.
He will not meet journalist Peter Popham whose article about another Tata related incident is no longer seen on the Independent’s website but is available by subscription via Highbeam: On the road to perdition; Ratan Tata . . . or free, reproduced by the Mines and Communities NGO.

There is no point in spending more time looking at Tata-related references to similar situations in 152 documents in the writer’s database.

The disturbing trend towards deleting corporately unwelcome articles – and even a research paper – is reminiscent of Winston Smith, Winston Smith in Orwell’s 1984. His job was to re-write history: so much easier just to wipe it from the mainstream.