A couple of weeks ago, Birmingham City Council launched its consultation on 20mph speed limits. This proposal, arising from a motion passed at full council last year, would see a 20mph limit placed on all residential roads in Birmingham as well as those parts of main roads which pass through shopping areas or in front of schools. Apart from this, main roads would not be affected by the changes.

health commission childhood injury coverIn “Better Safe than Sorry – Preventing Unintentional Injury to Children”, a widely quoted  Healthcare report published by the Audit Commission, a key finding from national research into accidental injury is:-

“There is a strong correlation between deprivation and accidental injury.

“Children in the 10% most deprived wards in England are more than three times as likely to be pedestrian casualties as those in the 10% least deprived wards.”

The council’s transport watchdog committee were told that there had been 7,349 traffic accidents, leading to 10,660 casualties, in Birmingham between 2010 and 2012. A total of 79 involved fatalities, while 1,204 led to serious injuries and 9,377 resulted in minor wounds.

The committee also heard that accident rates had fallen by between eight and 60% in parts of the country where widespread 20mph zones had already been introduced and the Post reports that the council estimates these measures will dramatically cut the number of collisions and injuries on our roads, particularly for walkers and cyclists.

Consultation sessions are under way here:

20mph consultation venues.

And your views can be recorded in the council consultation.