The Warehouse 2

Phil Burrows recently sent news that the Energy Saving Co-operative has moved into a ground floor office at The Warehouse in Allison Street, Digbeth.

energysavingcoop logoIt was set up in 2012 to connect homeowners, communities and local businesses with energy saving potential, with whole-building energy saving expertise and sources of fair finance. As energy saving is their only objective, homeowners can rely on getting honest and free advice allowing them to make the best choice about the steps they could take.

The Energy Saving Co-operative has three classes of user-members who co-operate to succeed together:

1. Building owners and tenants who want to save energy.

2. Co-operatives and community groups whose members want to save energy.

3. Suppliers and tradespeople offering energy saving services, such as energy assessors and installers.

Involvement of pre-approved local suppliers and installers means that homeowners can trust that the work will be done well and that their money will be kept within the local community.

Readers who would like to book a free home energy assessment may visit: