Meet Terry Fogarty, a design engineer, company director and canal enthusiast at the ‘Diagonal Lock Roadshow’, from 10.00am, Saturday 17TH August 2013 at the Heronfield Animal Sanctuary Wayside Walk, Knowle Solihull B93-OEE on the A4141. 

He will present a model of his invention, a diagonal lock , which works on the principle of a sloping tube, cutting out time spent by canal users negotiating flights of locks.

Fogarty flyer

“This is a radical alternative that could help to alleviate transport problems on the motorways,” he said. “You could install freezers in a wide-beam boat so you could even transport food.”

diagonal lockThe Diagonal Lock is a new technology devised as an alternative to traditional canal locks, enabling boats to ascend/descend an incline whilst floating securely inside a watertight, concrete chamber. At an earlier exhibition the writer had the advantage of independent input from an accomplished visiting engineer. He assured me that the lock would certainly work and recommended the animations on the website which explain all in five clear steps..

An earlier blog on another website lists the names of the Advisory Group which works with Mr Fogarty.