joan goodwin housing liaison boardAs people on the country’s housing registers wait in vain to be decently housed, Joan Goodwin, Housing Liaison Board Chairman (right), clarifies the blocks on effective action. Speaking on Adrian Goldberg’s WM Radio programme today, she explained that when representatives of the country’s councils get together they all call for government permission to borrow in order to build social housing – but do not get it. She added that in addition to meeting housing needs there would be a nation-wide boost to the economy by building social housing.

Meanwhile developers in the region and elsewhere, who only want to build more profitable ‘aspirational’ homes, are riding roughshod over local residents’ wishes, building on greenfield or even floodprone sites and threatening councils with legal action if not given planning permission.

In addition to stimulating the economy, if the Green Deal is applied to new-build social housing as well as to the refurbishment of existing social property – as advocated by WM MEP Philip Bennion and the convenor of the Green New Deal Group – the country’s ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets will be more achievable.