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People who enjoy imaginative vegetarian and vegan cuisine will welcome the new not-for-personal-profit regime in Allison Street, Digbeth. Anthony, who started out with Change Kitchen, told me that the venture has been set up by Mohini and Robert – who was seen earlier coming in with a huge basket of rhubarb. More information about Robert, Anthony and Mohini is given in The Mail.

warehouse cafe logoRedecoration and some building work has been done but the final touches are yet to be added. Their reasonable charges will be welcome to those on limited budgets and the restaurant is open from Tuesday-Saturday, 12.00- 8.30pm. For more information go to the Warehouse Café’s website.  

I was staggered to hear that their most popular dish is “fish and chips“ – generally served in the evening – the ‘fish’ being battered haloumi, a salty cheese made from sheep’s or goat’s milk, originating in Cyprus. It has a higher-than-normal melting point and so can be fried until brown without melting.

The ‘About’ section of the site is well worth reading. One paragraph tells us:

“We believe we are unique in our complete commitment to sustainability and our values. We recycle everything that we use, use bicycle courier (or foot) for the majority of our fresh produce and buy organic & fair-trade whenever we can.

“Our menus are inspired by seasonal British fruit and veg, and in an effort to be as local as we can – we are now piloting a scheme to use allotment produce gifted by friends and supporters.  This gives us direct control and transparency over our supply chain, and means we can often get fresh produce from earth to kitchen within an hour of harvesting — because that’s what we think fresh should mean”.


For all booking enquiries please telephone the Warehouse Café on 0121 633 0261.