dignitas logoA currently healthy member of Dignitas, who expects to take the trip to Zurich, should she become unable to look after herself, thanks Martin Allsopp, president of Birmingham Law Society, for raising this subject in the Birmingham Post.

He wrote:

“Whether or not there will ever be an argument of such force that the government is persuaded that assisted suicide should no longer be a crime remains to be seen . . .

“However, what is clear is that such a change would mark a significant shift not just legally, but culturally, for some more than others”.

Is he completely unaware that legislation to permit euthanasia and/or assisted dying has already been adopted in many countries or states, with similar legal systems and cultures?

Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Oregon, Washington and Montana have done it  – so can we!

Why should so many British citizens be compelled to travel to Switzerland to obtain release from humiliating helplessness or terminal pain?