alison munro hs2HS2 was on the agenda of Adrian Goldberg’s ‘phone-in’ on West Midlands Radio yesterday. Listeners heard from Alison Munro, HS2’s chief executive, that the real argument about the need for HS2 has shifted from speed to capacity. (‘Listen again’ for 7 days here.)


But the capacity argument is not borne out by statistics which government departments tried to withhold – some quoted here.

A letter from Jerry Blackett (as Chief Executive, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce)  in the FT yesterday, now puts forward another ‘real argument’, following Peter Mandelson’s article: “Why I no longer support a new high-speed railway line for Britain”, citing “a great deal of positive data from the north.”

We await a second investigation of this data by Andrew Gilligan.

Meanwhile a listener called in to say that the HS2 project would benefit only a few wealthy people: she counselled these to club together and use a helicopter.