Birmingham people who gathered at the People’s Assembly at Westminster Central Hall on Saturday have agreed to re-convene at 6.30pm on Wednesday 26th June at the Priory Rooms.

peoples assembly 24.6.13

Well over 4,000 people attended throughout the day representing every organisation resisting austerity since the financial crash over five years ago.

Accountant Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK shared a message from the organising committee thanking everyone who came there, summarised here:

Recognising the energy, potential and hope of millions of people affected by austerity, the Assembly called for concrete action to be undertaken across the country. This will include:

  • a mass national protest at the Conservative Party conference on 29 September in Manchester;
  • a day of civil disobedience on 5 November in every town and city across the country;
  • local People’s Assemblies to be established in every area possible;
  • a national demonstration in London in the new year

An infrastructure will be created to support the local organisations and take forward the national initiatives launched at the assembly.

Funds are needed to do this. News of People’s Assembly activist meetings and events planned will be collated at

Richard adds: I think the time for organised and coordinated peaceful protest against the imposition of wholly unnecessary poverty on millions in the UK has arrived.

A relevant post on the tax gap – one of Richard’s research subjects –  will be placed on the PCU site next week.