In a country where successive governments’ mismanagement of the economy has forced many into the arms of the state, the current regime:

  • attributes blame to the sick, the unemployed, the underpaid for a crisis caused by the feral elite (see Mark Steel);
  • decides that council tax will be now paid by many of the poor;
  • places legal redress even further beyond the means of the poor and average income citizen/subject;
  • and rewards those taking home more than £150,000 a year by cutting their income tax cut.

These developments are listed by George Monbiot, Guardian 2nd April 2013.

Writing on ‘Black Monday’, he says, “as the British government’s full-spectrum attack on the lives of the poor commences, the thought keeps returning to me.Most of the world’s people are decent, honest and kind. Most of those who dominate us are inveterate bastards. This is the conclusion I’ve reached after many years of journalism”.

“Why does the decent majority allow itself to be governed by a brutal, antisocial minority?”

Monbiot thinks that the decent majority allows itself to be governed by a brutal, antisocial minority because “large numbers (including many who depend on it) have been persuaded that most recipients of social security are feckless, profligate fraudsters . . . Rupert Murdoch, Lord Rothermere and the other media barons still seem to be running the country. Their relentless propaganda, using exceptional and shocking cases to characterise an entire social class, remains highly effective. Divide and rule is as potent as it has ever been”.

He sees a legacy of fear: “Even in a nominal democracy like the United Kingdom, the effect of five or six generations of justified fear of authority, persists, reinforced now by renewed insecurity, snowballing inequality, partisan policing”.

The power of a transformative idea is needed; the hope of freedom from want and fear swept to power a Labour government which was able, to create a fair society from a smashed, divided nation – “an achievement which – through a series of sudden, spectacular and unmandated strikes – Cameron’s government is now demolishing”.

Can readers suggest a transformative idea of this calibre which would appeal to a broad spectrum of public opinion?


The most convincing transformative ideas will be published and forwarded to George Monbiot and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.