george osborneLess qualified types might imagine the banking crisis may have been caused, in some part, by bankers. But it takes a trained mind to understand that the people who robbed us are the poor . . .

In a couple of weeks, the economy will be put right. Because at last cuts such as the “bedroom tax” and universal tax credit come in, so we’ll finally get some money back off the richest people in this country – the poor.

mark steel2Any glance at our society makes it obvious who’s run up all the debts; the poor, that’s who . . . caused the mess in the first place. Because the banking system, as we know, was ruined by the residents of a tower block in Toxteth . . . they lent vast sums to international investors at the bottom of a stairwell by the bins, with not a thought for the damage caused to the global financial system.

So now they’re being turfed out of their house for having a spare room for their kids. That’ll teach them.