Birmingham Vegetarians and Vegans will host a talk on ‘Extreme composting: Getting extra fertility in a garden with humanure’ at their monthly meeting on February 26th.

HumanureAs Joseph Jenkins points out in his best-selling book, The Humanure Handbook, you can create a useful product – compost – out of the waste, which would previously have been passed on to someone else to deal with. Martin Doyle will lead a session on ‘one of the Western world’s phobias’ – using human waste as garden manure – at the Birmingham Vegetarian and Vegans group’s monthly meeting.

The talk, called ‘Extreme Composting: Getting extra fertility in a garden with humanure’, will show how using a composting toilet can produce nutrient-rich garden fertiliser without the hard work of mulching, composting and growing green manure plants. The process is also ideal for vegan gardeners who refuse animal manures, and for those growing their crops organically.

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Martin Doyle, from Solihull-based The Little House Company, comments: “Composting and using human waste (faeces) is an ancient practice but now with a scientific understanding of composting and the resources required to treat human waste, we can close the loop on this natural fertility cycle and improve our soil, reduce our water use and reduce our energy use too!

“Modern composting toilets can be small, hygienic and definitely don’t smell – the only problem is Western attitudes to dealing with bodily waste. After a year, a system can produce a viable compost and soil conditioner that can be used around trees and shrubs. Compost toilets can also be fitted where regular WCs can’t as they don’t need mains water or waste connections.”

Doyle’s business specialises in everything needed to install your own compost toilet in order to save valuable drinking water and waste removal resources. Recent projects have even included an installation on a narrow boat.

‘Extreme Composting: Getting extra fertility in a garden with humanure’ will take place at Veged Out café in Fletchers Walk, Birmingham B3 3HJ, at 7.30pm on Tuesday February 26th. Entry is £2.00.