Memories and present rationale from Hall Green CND

bruce kentHall Green CND’s website records that Birmingham CND was launched after Bruce Kent addressed a packed meeting, in the summer of 1980, at Dr Johnson House in Bull Street. He has given unfailing support to the city’s peace movement ever since.


The ‘About’ section on the site explains that nuclear weapons issues have NOT gone away:

“The wall is down, and the supposed ‘Evil Empire’, the former ‘Soviet Block’, is no more, but, at a time when the country struggles under a huge financial crisis, we still spend an obscene amount of money on maintaining nuclear weapons and particularly on Trident submarines. This is money which could be spent on school, hospitals, the environment … (fill in your favourite cause here.)”

Questions raised include:

  • If, which is doubtful, Trident ever protected us against anyone, who is Trident going to protect us against now? Terrorists?
  • In our search to reduce carbon emissions, are we in danger of forgetting the heavy and long term contamination of the environment caused by nuclear waste?
  • How many members of the public realise that nuclear power stations produce weapons grade plutonium which goes into nuclear weapons?
  • Is that the reason for their existence? See official statements quoted in an article here.
  • Finally, what would happen if nuclear weapons fell into the hands of a dissident group?

The section ends: “For all of these reasons, Hall Green CND is still here. We’re still not complacent. We’re still campaigning. We are still reminding people in our neck of the woods what nuclear power and weapons mean. We think someone has to!”