An email to a local councillor asking for the date of the hearing went unanswered . . . b'ham wholesale markets interior

Readers new to the subject might be interested in a recently discovered presentation about Birmingham Wholesale fresh produce markets by Keith Simpson of Technolink given at the December meeting of the Digbeth Residents Association.

“The economic downturn has been a painful experience for many, not just the Markets. However, the proposed rebalancing of the national economy offers significant opportunities for growth of the Birmingham Wholesale Markets and an expanded role as a vital part of the national food-supply chain. The Markets will continue to be a principal source of fresh produce for all the diverse communities of the City, and an essential component of our multicultural City.

“Investment into the Markets is required to maintain our role and our capacity to support sustainable growth of the City. There is much latent demand for access to the Markets, and future investment would indicate a commitment to our longer term future and enable the Markets to tap into this unrealised demand.

“As a vital part of the “ecology” of the food supply chain, and the “ecology” of all the local markets, we provide a platform for new businesses to establish themselves, both as our customers and potentially as traders on the market, without the barriers to entry common in other areas business.

“Working together with the City Council, we believe we can deliver a Wholesale Market designed to support the demands of Birmingham’s role as a leading international City and provide a stimulus to growth.“

The Essential Catalyst, a 27 page report about the wholesale markets by Paul Forrest was commissioned by Technolink and may be downloaded here.