Journalists reading this should note that West Midlands MEP Phil Bennion is available in Brussels after 5.30pm today  to discuss his belief that thousands of jobs in the West Midlands and Warwickshire dependent on EU trade, will be threatened by the prime minister’s ‘five year game of Russian Roulette’.

phillip bennion2As Lib Dem Employment Spokesman in the European Parliament, Dr Bennion said his biggest fear was the effect on jobs and business confidence in the West Midlands and in Britain. “I am very concerned at the impact of five years of uncertainty on employment: one in ten jobs at least depends on being inside the EU’s Single Market. JLR, Rolls Royce, any number of exporting manufacturers and their supply chains all need our free trade deal for export sales.

“What will exporters do now who were thinking of taking on more staff, or large firms thinking of investing here? They may well make other plans.

“Mr Cameron makes a good case for staying in EU and its Single Market. But then he ties that to a re-negotiation deal which may be impossible to deliver in the timescale he has set himself. By the logic of this speech, which the Tory right will hold him to, he may be forced to campaign for EU exit even if he doesn’t agree with it.

“He rejected the ‘Norway option’, saying we can’t stay in the Single Market while having no say in the rules. That is true, but his speech raises the spectacle that instead we may be heading for a total ‘BrExit’ * – which would be a catastrophe.”


* A search revealed that this is a variant of the terms Brexit and Brixit, coined in 2012 formed from Britain or British and exit