The Hubb2The Hubb is in Sparkbrook, Birmingham, the ‘big blue building in the Aldi Car Park’. 

It was launched in 2010, a collaboration between ISRA Feed the Poor and Soul City Arts. Bringing art to the community is something that both organisations felt passionate about, so the space was set up in Sparkbrook, bringing artists, educationalists, and activists right into the community, using the art as a new language for change. We are open to the public between 11am and 4pm.

drone for general use

Birmingham Stop the War Coalition is holding an Oppose the Drone Wars Public Meeting on 31st Jan 2013 at 7 pm: The Hubb, Stoney Lane Sparkbrook, B’ham B12 8DL. For details ring Birmingham STW on  0777 156 7496


Chris Cole Drone Wars UK &
Yvonne Ridley Journalist & Human Rights Activist


Drones have enabled the US to ratchet up its military intervention around the globe. The speed with which they have become tactical weapons of choice, rather than surveillance tools, has alarmed senior military commanders and theorists. Some, like a former chief of Britain’s Royal Navy, question their legality. Others ask whether their use challenges the basic chain of command that goes into critical military decision making. See news of Hansard debate introduced by  Birmingham MP, Gisela Stuart.

The US and Israel are the main manufacturers and purveyors of all things drone, while Asia is the fastest-growing market in the world. Israel is the world’s leading exporter of drones with more than 1,000 sold to different countries. Israel’s primary combat drones, the Hermes, and the Heron have been in action recently over Gaza where, along with F-16s, they launched a huge number of airstrikes, killing over 150 Palestinians and causing immense damage and destruction.

The UK’s shameful role

UK currently rents Israeli drones for use in Afghanistan, while it is also jointly building the new Watch keeper drone with Israeli company Elbit systems. On average seven British drone strikes take place each month and this is likely to increase as another five drones have been purchased from the US and will be controlled from a new British drone base in Lincolnshire.