Readers concerned about the future of the Bull Ring’s wholesale and retail markets might envy members of the Digbeth Residents’ Association who will be able to hear a presentation by Keith Simpson, the Director of Technolink (UK) Limited in December.

Informed by his experience in commercial banking Mr Simpson’s primary interests now centre more widely on improving overall business performance and focusing on opportunities for sustainable growth.

Speaking on behalf of the Birmingham Wholesale Fresh Produce Association, he will cover:

  • The current economic impact of the Birmingham Wholesale Market (BWM) and a little about the BWFPA and its membership;
  • The vital interrelationship between the BWM and the three retail markets, and the wider cultural and social significance of the BWM including employment impacts;
  • The history of the relationship between the landlords of the BWM (Birmingham City Council) and the traders and the potential threat to the future of the BWM;
  • The potential solution for the future of the BWM enabling it to remain at its current location.

Monday 10th December 2012, 18:00
The Old Crown Restaurant (access from Digbeth High Street – look out for the DRA banner stand on the day)