In the Chamberlain Files Paul Dale writes about a ‘coup’ – which Whitehall has completed ‘with such staggering political brilliance and downright cynicism that it takes the breath away.’

He continues:

“From April next year several million of the poorest people in this country will for the first time have to pay council tax. They’ve been protected up to now by being able to claim 100 per cent benefit, but that’s all ending at the start of 2013-14 . . .

“Benefit will be capped at 80% in Birmingham, leaving unemployed adults to face council tax bills of between £220 and £500 a year.

“Why have people not been protesting about this? Why have there not been demonstrations and riots? The answer is that very few outside of the local government bubble know anything about what is going to happen next year.”

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Ben Dyson of Positive Money sets out Plan B in a video which urges benefit cuts to subsidised bankers: