Reproduced from sister site: October 21st, 2012-

The Guardian`s July story about industrial skulduggery went quietly to sleep during the holiday season but has been brought back into the limelight by MP Tom Watson.

Three years ago the Information Commissioners Office discovered records going back more than 15 years naming more than 3,213 named workers three years ago when it raided a firm called the Consulting Association in Droitwich, which was used by more than 40 construction companies to vet new recruits.

84 workers have launched a legal action against building group Sir Robert McAlpine,  charging the company with unlawful conspiracy against workers who may have been targeted as a result of trade union activities or membership. The construction firm is said to have used the blacklist to bar them from construction sites.

Some suspect an unlawful conspiracy by the wider industry which could – if evidence were found – face huge compensation claims.

MP Tom Watson has called on the Information Commissioners Office to inform the named construction workers placed on that list.

ICO manager did not know – did he even care?

The ICO’s investigations manager David Clancy was asked if the office contained databases relating to other industries. He said he did not know, as inspecting other materials “did not appear within the scope of our warrant”.

Is this the tip of a very large iceberg?

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