Despite opposition from Yardley MP John Hemming and pressures exerted by the powerful Christian Medical Fellowship and care industry corporates, the Liberal Democrat conference voted yesterday to back new laws allowing doctors to help patients who want to end their lives.

This decision will be welcomed by young and old, who value quality of life above its length and do not wish to depend on others for personal care.

Local MP Lorely Burt MP and outspoken Chris Davies MEP called on the Liberal Democrat Conference to ‘press for the introduction of a government bill on (medically assisted dying)’ and, ‘in the event of a Bill being introduced through Private Members’ procedures, to press for time to be made available in the House of Commons to enable it to be fully considered’.

The motion called “medically assisted dying”, backed “legislation providing for medical assistance to die to be available to patients in particular circumstances, subject to rigorous safeguards to prevent abuse.”

The Christian Medical Fellowship militant

The Christian Medical Fellowship, led by Dr Peter Saunders accused the Liberal Democrats of placing individual liberty above the rights of vulnerable people but PCU accuses the CMF of attempting to force others to live by their minority views.

Peter Saunders ended acidly: “It is perhaps therefore a good thing that the Liberal Democrats are losing ground in the opinion polls”.

New bills by MSP Margo Macdonald and Lord Falconer will be debated in the Holyrood Parliament and House of Lords respectively in the New Year.

There have been no reports of victimising the vulnerable in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland and three American states: Oregon, Washington, and Montana where civilised assisted-suicide and/or euthanasia is legal and has been tried and tested.