Important questions to consider – but not all will welcome the depressing approach taken by the New Optimists



Monday 10th September, 6.00pm – 8.45pm

Banqueting Suite, Council House Birmingham, B1 1BB

What role should “food” play in making Birmingham a “leading green city”?  Does Birmingham need to look ahead and prepare itself for when there might be real pressures on its food supply?

This Forum provides an opportunity to consider such questions as:

  • Do we know enough about the city’s demand for food?  How much do we really need?
  • Do we really know where our food comes from – and does it matter?
  • Do we understand how much food we think is already grown within the city and what is the potential for the city to grow more of its own?
  • Could Birmingham ever be self-sufficient in food?
  • What role should planning decisions play in the city’s approach to food?

This Forum will hear from a number of speakers who are looking a long way ahead at what a city might need to do to feed itself; at what steps are being taken elsewhere to be a “sustainable food city”; and from local schemes which are promoting local food awareness.  But food is not just about eating – it’s about healthy living and lifestyle, community cohesion and well-being so we shall be considering the public health aspect of feeding the city.

So come along and participate in the discussion to develop innovative new approaches to food that lay the ground for new thinking on how Birmingham will feed itself in the future.