Saturday 1st September, 10.15-12.00 AM, BFOE Warehouse, 54 Allison St, Birmingham

Malcolm Currie of the Gun Quarter’s Eco Centre will open the discussion, prompted by this Year’s BBC Reith Lectures given by the economic historian Niall Ferguson. He will begin with Ferguson’s first lecture on the role of institutions in determining the viability and health of a society. The other Ferguson lectures flowed from this but his first lecture placed strong emphasis on a contrast between his view of the atrophied state of institutions in the west vis-a-vis younger, more dynamic institutions in the Far East and Latin America. This will lead on to his analysis of the financial crisis as a consequence of no longer fit-for-purpose western institutions, including the banks. Ferguson’s “Rule of Law” lecture rounded this off.

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 Some people stay on for lunch together at the Warehouse Café.