Dairy farmers are NOT asking the customer to pay more – they just want a fair share of the supermarket profits to cover costs of production.

After presenting award at Waitrose store, Hall Green

When Hockley Heath farmer Andrew Hemming presented a Fair Deal Award to Waitrose a few years ago, he said and continues to say, that the customer is paying enough. 


  • In real terms the farmgate milk price in 2010 slipped 28% below the farmgate price of 1994.  
  • The retail price of milk in 2010 however, was broadly the same value in real terms as in 1994 but input costs have spiralled.
  • DairyCo assessment: if the farmgate price had increased in line with inflation it would have stood at 34.4 pence per litre in 2010.

Meanwhile three million farmers have gone out of business across the EU in the last 8 years, and across the UK 10,000 farmers have gone out of business in the last 5 years. 

Speaking with forked tongue?

And the supermarket representative who phoned in to say that supermarkets cannot use all the milk produced in this country should have been asked who buys the liquid milk being imported from EU countries.