An hour-long, easy to follow documentary film “97% owned” will be shown at 8.30pm on Thursday 21st June. The evening will be hosted by ‘Birmingham Friends of Positive Money’, part of a national network.

Many in the network are from the ‘GenerationNext’ – like Mira Tekelova, who keeps the network informed. Co-founder Ben Dyson [left, & Andrew Jackson] works with many others, sharing this analysis of the financial system:

A post from the Birmingham Press adds:

Jonathan Melhuish, 26, a member of the group living in Balsall Heath said that “It’s ridiculous that we’re effectively allowing the banks to print money! At first I didn’t believe it could be true but I’ve looked into it and actually it’s pretty clear, I was amazed. We really need to fix this, we need to turn that energy we saw in the Occupy movement into real restrictions on the banks. It’s time to democratise our money supply.”

If you can’t get to the film, you could watch it online: