This subject was first raised here on April 27th and more information is on the dedicated website. Pending an online facility for signing, the petition can now be downloaded here:

After lodging the claim with the administrative court, Robin Clarke is now awaiting the “issue” by the court, and then will have a few days in which to “serve” on the Secretary of State and Centro.

He adds that the first two paragraphs work as a summary of the whole matter and could be quoted as such.

  1. The Claimant seeks permission to apply for judicial review relating to the intended extension of the Midland Metro through Bull Street, Corporation Street, and Stephenson Street (the “Birmingham City Centre Extension” or “BCCE”), which would have majorly adverse impacts on the city’s bus system and yet in respect of which there has been no consultation of bus users and instead only persistent misinformation by Centro of “improvements”.
  2. The decision here challenged is the 16 February 2012 decision by the Secretary of State for Transport to provide funding of approx £75.4M to enable the construction of the Midland Metro Birmingham City Centre Extension (the BCCE).