On Friday, Adrian Goldberg’s phone-in on West Midlands Radio focused on the issue of the short but quite expensive Metro extension from Snow Hill to New Street which will cost in total £128m – to save a 5-10 minute walk.

Centro refused to be interviewed saying the issue is political.

Phil Jones, whose Longbridge based firm specialises in the formulation and design of sustainable transport solutions, here and abroad, reflected on the proposal [1.48mins -1.54]. In a wide-ranging interview about connectivity with the suburbs and HS2 – and the relative success of the Manchester system – he said, in answer to Adrian’s question “Is it worth it?”:

“Well it’s more attractive over buses in terms of image”. 

Robin Clarke of Tramscam phoned in [2.13mins -2.19] and put the case for increasingly worried bus-users, outlined here recently.

Like WM Radio, we hope to have a further update on Mr Clarke’s legal challenge, noting that he has recently won a concession on a disputed point from the Treasury solicitor.