Did Centro refuse to discuss the Metro extension on air because its case is weak?

Today on a West Midlands BBC radio programme Adrian Goldberg asked whether the Metro extension is worth the sum to be spent on it. Centro refused to discuss the subject on air, saying that it is ‘political’ and the transport expert who spoke at length sounded far from convinced that the Metro was value for money – unfortunately the writer had to answer the door so did not catch his name and company. 

Whose interests are being served?

Robin Clarke of Tramscam boldly uses the term ‘scam’ – but perhaps all concerned are merely conforming to the practice of centralised local and national government which cherish corporates rather than those they are elected to serve. He came on air and spoke up for the bus users whose stops are going to be placed on the outskirts of the city, posing obvious problems for the less than athletic.

Will more bus-users turn to the car?

Mr Clarke’s supposition that some would turn to car use, increasing the already serious congestion approaching the city centre, was confirmed by a young neighbour who had not heard of these proposals. I mentioned the proposals to her as we waited at a bus-stop – and on hearing this for the first time, though apparently able-bodied, her immediate response was: “Oh I’ll ask my dad to take me in”.

This subject will not go away

The Goldberg programme has asked for updates about the bus users petition and the legal action; it is good to see that this issue is no longer being kept firmly in the background.

The French have a phrase for it

Another bus-user listener said to me, “The public will only realise the problem when it is too late to do anything about it”.

The phrase is ‘fait accompli’, meaning an action which is completed before those affected by it are in a position to query or reverse it.