Cities which are being offered the chance of a bright new mayoral dawn on 3 May include Birmingham, Bristol, Coventry, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle, Bradford, Wakefield, Leeds and Sheffield.

The problem facing those electorates is that when they vote on changing the system of how they are governed locally, they will not know what powers the government is to give their “all-powerful” mayors.

Only after a mayor is elected in November will that individual sit down with government and negotiate the powers they are to have.

It will be an election where neither voters nor candidates know what the outcome actually means . . .

And warns

The people of Doncaster and Stoke are expected to vote to abolish the mayoral system on 3 May, but under new rules, where a city mayor has been established by a referendum ordered by parliamentary legislation it would require further parliamentary legislation to give voters the chance to revert to the old system.

And that could take a long time.

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